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Best mid-range graphic card.

Hi guys i am new to the gaming world i just wanna ask which is the best mid range graphic card for my pc.
Currently my spec's are:
Intel core2duo E7500@2.93GHz
3GB 1066MHz RAM
PSU 180W(i am going to replace it according to need of graphic card)

Please also recommend me a good PSU for graphic card.
I am on low budget so please recommed me a graphic card which costs less than 12000INR.
Thanks in advance.
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  1. Not sure where you would purchase from but 12000INR is roughly 220dollars so that would fit a Radeon HD7850 if you wana stay below that. Any good quality 400-500W PSU will do for your system.
  2. Agreed, go with a AMD Radeon HD7850 and try to find a PSU with around 400 to 500 watts, remember to stick with a good PSU brand since some come out of the box saying 1000W or any high number but can not hope to give more than 200W, I can't remember all of the good PSU brands but i personally like Corsair.
    If by any chance this video card is priced higher than 12000INR, maybe for tax reasons, just reply back and i can recommend a different cheaper video card.
  3. What about hd 6870 it is 13000 INR on is it better than HD 7850 because HD 7850 is costing 19721 INR.
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    You can go with a 6870 as well, again a 500 watts PSU should be enough.
  5. I have to go with HD 6790=8176INR & PSU=Corsair-500CXV2 500W. Thanx guys. The info was very helpfull.
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