Picking a computer case... Too many options

I have been looking through computer cases and there are soooooo many to chose from. I have sort of decided on my build, im buying most of the parts tomorow: - 2tb hard drive - Ocz agility ssd - gskill 2133hz ram - corsaire liquid cooling - i5-3570k + asus mobo - zotac gtx680 gpu - 1000w antec power supply

I see about 15 cases that are on sale atm, and if you want i can post few but didnt wanna spam. But what do you think will mid-Tower be enough or go for full-tower for sure? Extra $$ is not a problem for me.

Help me out here guys, im losing my mind :D
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  1. gskill 2133hz ram is a NO for intel build
    go for ddr3 1600 :)

    full-tower is good for SLI in the future as it provides more spaces for air flow

    people will not recommend you corsair liquid cooling or any liquid from any brand
    but if you realy realy want it, you pick wrong h100 dude... it should be h100i <-- i for current updated series :)
  2. I dont really understand that part with ram, I guess I will look it up. Its been a long time since I built a PC rig :)
    So since I am planning on SLI in future im gonna go with full tower then. Any1 has any brand preferences or any suggestion on which case to take?
  3. I own and really love the .
    Of course if you really want you can even move up in models as you said cash isn't a problem. I can not speak highly enough about this case! I really think you will like it for a build. As far as the ram goes, I am assuming that the I5 only allows for 1600 mhz ram, so anything higher is basically a waste of cash as the proc will auto downclock it, I believe.
  4. Thx for the feedback, I ordered H100 for ncix now. Didnt see the in mail rebate they had. I alrdy ordered zotac gtx680, I have been loking benchmarks and it is not a big difference and I am planning on going SLI when this gpu cant handle my needs.

    Any comments for case? :D
  5. ok, well, for starters, what do you want in your case?

    Some suggestions:

    Bitfenix Shinobi XL
    NZXT Switch 810
    Cooler Master storm trooper/stryker
    Cooler Master HAF X
    Corsair 650D
    Fractal Design Define R3/4
    Antec Eleven Hundred
    NZXT Phantom EATX
  6. I have came down to two possible takers: - Cooler Master Storm Trooper - Corsaire Obsidian 800D

    Which one would you prefer guys?
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    From what I've heard, and seen on TTL's review, the 800D has poor airflow.
    I'm probably going to use the Storm Stryker in my upcoming build, and TTL seemed very fond of it.
  8. Since I dont need to order in the Cooler Master case im probably gonna buy that tomorow at memoryexpress. Also it looks cooler :)
  9. has them cheaper, both their stryker and trooper are cheaper, $119.99 and $109.99 respectively.
  10. Shipping is 25$ for the case so I save only 5$ on the case.
  11. oh damn, just realized they are out of stock... ncix it is...
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  13. tzarlazar said:
    Shipping is 25$ for the case so I save only 5$ on the case.

    But you can pick up in store. And the $25 I believe is express shipping.
  14. Well I live in Alberta, they dont have ncix here unfortunately. Its cheaper for most of the parts, but then with shipping it gets almost even with memory express where I can pick it up in store.
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