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So I'm having a problem with my Xbox 360 when I connect it to my PC with the HDMI it gets some audio in the Stereo Setting but when I've been playing Halo 4 I get the some sounds but not others. Like the voices of the characters don't play, neither does the music. It's like only one channel of audio is getting through the HDMI cable or something.

I just bought the HDMI cable. Plantronics, I don't know if that will help.

Im using a headset plugged into my comp to hear the problem is that my laptop has two headphone slots...but my headset only has one green cable to plug into it. I don't know if that matters either.

Im almost willing to say it's the cable because it's easily disconnected and sometimes the sound works, and sometimes it cuts that I've been fiddling with it.
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  1. What laptop do you have? You must have spent a lot to get one with hdmi in.
  2. only laptops i know which have an HDMI in are Alienware....

    looking forward to his reply!
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