Vertex and pixel shader compatible

is a voodoo2 64mb vertex and pixel shader compatible

for lego star wars
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  1. Im not sure.... driver support is going to be non existent by this stage, its definitely not going to work with Lego star Wars....

    That card should be in a museum, whats the rest of your hardware like?
  2. intel k7s5 duron1200 512ddr xp sp3 i need jedi outcast open gl problems the games not loading into the level demo version
  3. Im not surprised, its not a hard game to run at all, but your hardware is ancient...even for that game...I would imagine that you will have issues with open gl and direct x support and thats before even considering that the game recommends 256MB of video memory as apposed to the 64MB which you have and a 1.4ghz processor which again you fall below

    I had a voodoo2 but I was only 10 so don't really know much about the technology implemented back then or even how far driver support goes for that card, honestly though you could pick up a machine 2nd hand for very little money that would run that game flawlessly
  4. well i knowe the game was high spec but i thought like 32meg graph's
    but no worries my comp can clock 1600 in bios will it work at 1600

    but also what about this open gl bizz and jedi outcast i have a dance music maker like dance 6 requires 4mb gl compatible and all the rest is well under my comp req but it runs dead um clitchy sooo i obviosly blame my voodoo and open gl but im sure i've played gl game req so any way round this gl like some software
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