2 internet connections at once

Hi guys

My problem is that my wireless 3G connection cuts out for a few seconds every hour or so. This is just enough to throw me of my BF3 multiplayer game and leads to huge frustration.

Now I have 2 internet options.

1.) A 3G router running through a Netgear adapter. This setup has a huge antenna on my roof and is really quick. It does however cut out every now and then for short periods. I connect to the router through a LAn cable.

2.) Normal 3G USB stick

My question is what will happen if I connect to the internet from bith of these connections? THey have different service providers. Will they run together or will my PC decide on which one to use?

Will this solve my problem?

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  1. Oh so my main point is therefore should one cut out for those 30 seconds, will the other one kick in?
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