Issue deciding! Boxing day sales maybe??

Hello! Merry Christmas! I am having somewhat of a predicament, I would like to build/buy my other half a desktop PC or a laptop (as ours conveniently died a week ago). She's not a heavy gamer what so ever, the type of games she plays would be like the Harry Potter games, Roller coaster tycoon series and puzzles etc.. She would be doing school work, browsing/social networking and very light gaming and with boxing day upon us maybe any decent deals are out right now from / or even Just looking for a hand to help me think here! I am greatly thankful for any help! Happy XMAS!
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  1. Hey, please fill out those questions, otherwise it's gonna take too long asking you those question one by one. Post answers here. After you do that we will be able to help you faster, without having to be guessing in the dark. Thanks
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