Grey screen PC crashed,


I have question, i was playing skyrim and i had this yellow,black and also a grey screen with some kinda strips in the screen or lines its hard too see them. And i was worried what that could be i really want to fix this.
The thing is i just build a new pc and its not a good feeling if u get this sort of problem. I was thinking if my GPU is crashed or broken i really dont know how to find this answer.
I have also checked and they all run cool cpu runs like 25 degreece and GPU runs like (in game) like 70 degreece i asked a friend if this is normal he said yes he tould me to not worry about it.

My PC specs are

PSU: Corsair GS 700watt
GPU XFX HD radeon 7970 3G black edition OC
CPU: AMD Phenom II x6 1055T 2.8 Ghz (stock) with a corsair H80 cooler
motherboard is Saberthooth 990FX

And i also have the latest drivers 12.10 amd drivers.

thank you
BTW sorry for my bad english i hope you guys understand what i just wright.
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  1. I have been having all sorts of trouble with my 7870 with 12.10 drivers in skyrim. I'm going to back 12.8 tonight to see if that fixes it (I didn't have issues until 12.10). On the driver site on the right side there is a link for previous drivers. I would say try that and see if that fixes it. Is this happening in other games or does it only happen in Skyrim? Your temps are fine so I wouldn't worry there.
  2. Yes this also happened to Dead space 2 but i saw a fix in this game somewhere on a site if u turn off vsync then the game runs fine..

    well other games like BF3 runs good and assassins creed Revelations, sniper elite runs just fine.
    im so confused..

    yeah maybe if the drivers are the problem i would like to know..
  3. BF3 works great for me but not skyrim. I also have to use an fps limiter in Skyrim or it is really jittery. Try 12.8 and let me know how that works. Hopefully that's the issue.
  4. Yeah i hope thats the medicine to fix it.. i was just wondering if my gpu was broking.. or maybe it still is.. i called the store where i bought it and almost alot people get this issue.. i think it might be the drivers yes ill see..

    If u know more about it please let me know
  5. I just got home and went back to 12.8 and no more flickering in Skyrim. It worked for me.
  6. Alright that is some good news. I was starting to think that my card was broken.

    Thank you :)
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