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Im building a budget gaming rig.I cant choose between amd\'s A10 5800K and intel

Im building a budget gaming rig.I cant choose between amd's A10 5800K and intel core i3 3225. if i choose any of 1 above may i able to use the igpu with my radeon hd 5850 through lucid virtua mvp mobo. If not which mobo is better for me .I am not oc ing anything. The processor is basically for gaming and some video encoding.
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  1. Go with i3-3225. A10 is kind of useless if you use a dedicated card, which you will, HD 5850. And Lucid Virtu MVP is useless as well.
  2. which mobo is better for me, if i wish to upgrade the processor in future(3570k etc.)
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    If you're planning to get i5-3570k in the future, you should get a Z77 motherboard. However, there isn't much sense in doing that: you'd basically waste your money if you bought i3 and then replaced it with i5 two months later.
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