Upgradeing PC hardware need help finding and understanding Crossfire

so i wanna get another 7970 graphics card and put it into crossfire

here is my specs
motherboard Msi z77 mpower
video card radeon hd 7970 gigybte oced to 1600
8gbs of g.skill ram Dimms in 2 sticks of 4 1600
dvd rom
500gb harddrive
cpu core i5 3570k oced to 4.3ghz
power supply is 600w corsiar CX600
computer case azza teledo 301 mid size tower case
right now at full load or gaming on bf3 or guildwars 2 and other various game temps on pc and graphics card hit around 55 to just 63 down to 40 or less

i have extra fans along the top of case iam not sure if i will have good enough cooling for 2 cards put they come with fans so they should keep thems selfs cool and they will have a nice 1in or so between them on the motherboard i do believe

is crossfire hard to set up ive only built a few pcs and don't understand the more advanced or do i just put them in there slots hoock the power plugs up and plug the crossfire bridge that came with my motherboard to one card then to the other and use Crystal control center to control the cards and set up crossfire and monitor the cards
when i plug it into the monitor do i just plug the monitor into any graphics card video out puts or a certian one

I wanna get another radeon hd 7970 gigbyte and put them in crossfire
but i will need a new Power supply iam not sure if 1000watts will cut it or if 840w will work
i also wanna get a blue ray player if thats possible
another 8gbs of ram
and a new harddrive of 500 or 2tbs

is there a way to easly move all intalls from one harddrive to another harddrive

crossfire just gives more memory for rezolution and only rezolution
both cards stilll load the same textures simotainiously right....

Thank you for all your input and info
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  1. Silverstone Olympia OP850 850W here is a powersupply i was looking at not sure if it will do its job though http://www.directcanada.com/products/?sku=22170AC0428&vpn=OP850&manufacture=Silverstone Technology
  2. Use this to determine your PSU needs:
    So long as you get a quality brand that meets your power requirement, you should be fine.

    Crossfire is not hard to set up but it will not work for all games and micro-stuttering is still an issue. You need to install CAP profiles along with the normal catalyst drivers once you get it all installed.
  3. Thermaltake Chaser MK-1 ATX Full Tower Computer Case 4X5.25 6X3.5 INT USB 3.0 Black new case i wanna get http://www.directcanada.com/products/?sku=16950AC0391&vpn=VN300M1W2N&manufacture=THERMALTAKE#customerreviews
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