Linux server with two static ip, one public, one private

Is there a simple way to have a web server have both a static public ip (I have a block of static IP's) and an static private ip (ex I am running a web project management application.... Do I need two seperate nic's to do this?
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  1. Yes, many servers have both public and private IP addresses, and yes, they generally have two NICs.

    However, you can use port forwarding or a DMZ on the router and then the server will have just one internal IP address, but can also be accessed by the public IP.
  2. Thank you for the response :-) Which option would you implement? Considering that the server is configured as a web server hosting a locally (private network used project management application (Collabitive) that also needs access from the public ( Also it would be nice for the private network to see a shared subdirectory to copy file to and fro.... Again thank you for your help :-) e
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    If you are just using HTTP (web server), then I suggest forwarding port 80 (and port 443 is you use HTTPS) at the router since it limits the server's exposure to the wild Internet ;)
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