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I have recently installed my new nvidia gtx 660 along with two 6GB rams and a new 500W power supply. i turned it on and it was all working fine, my pc was the best its ever been. then i turned it off and went out for a bit. when i came back i turned my pc on and there was light blue lines covering my screen and when it got past the start up my screen wouldnt pick up my pc. so i restarted my pc and the same thing happened again. i tried it in safe mode and it started up but with the blue lines still there. any suggestions on how to fix this problem? or what the problem might be? thank you
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  1. sounds like the gpu is going out. thats what mine did when it went out. contact the place in which you bought the gpu and RMA it as soon as you can as you dont want to run out of the period in which you can. im fairly confident the gpu is the issue.
  2. do you think my gpu is broken already???
  3. Yes, lines are normally the gpu. You might be able to return it to the place where you bought it for a brand new one or to the factory under warranty.
  4. Do you think it was my pc that fried it or do you think it was just a broken graphics card to begin with?
  5. no just the gpu
  6. okay thanks guys! you have been a big help. :)
  7. try first to remove your gpu and try again
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