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Hello everyone!

Santa decided to bring me some parts to get started on my own home media server.
I'm not looking to play games or do much beyond file storage/backup and media storage and streaming.

I've got the following:
MB: Gigabyte 970A-D3
CPU: AMD FX8120 8 Core 3.1Ghz Black Edition
Memory: 2 G.Skill F3-14900CL9D-8GBBSR (DDR3 1866 CL9 10-9-28 1.50v)
Case: Thermaltake Armor tower
HDD: WD Blue Caviar 1TB
DVD: 1 Blu-ray burner and 1 DVD burner
PSU: gift card(none yet)
OS: Win 8

Again all of this, with the exception of the case and 2 burners, were gifts that were intended to help me get started making a server.
While some parts may not be ideal to the build or purpose, but these are the parts I have and am going to use.
While I've built my own PC's, I've never set up a server and need some advice on what I can expect from the parts I have for the media streaming aspect. Will HD transcoding be choppy, etc.? Anything I should be looking out for and any other general tips for managing file storage/media and media streaming.

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  1. Also forgot to include that I'm in need of advice for extenders that are reliable and feature rich and offer the ability to use more than just a few media formats.

    Also question about the need of network controller card and cable tuner cards (I have Cable w/ HD package)... what if any should I be looking for?
  2. First you will need a graphic card! The cpu is way overpowered for a media server as 16gb ram is. And what's your question about a server? This are pc parts.
  3. Edited post in error
  4. Graphics card? I wasn't thinking of that since I'm not really planning on doing much than file servering for this box, and most will be done remotely after setup. I'll have to recheck my specs of the MB but I thought I had onboard video, but if not then I'll get a cheap one.

    I realize that my parts aren't ideal for the purpose but what I'm trying to do is get an idea if any of them will be a bottleneck for what I want to do. Overkill isn't bad, unless I'm not going to be able use them the home media server I want to build.

    Obviously the HDD's will be added as money allows so that I eventually grow in size. I've got room for about 20 or more in the case.
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