Will Radeon 6670 fit into Dell Optiplex 755 MT?

I have a Dell Optiplex 755 MINI TOWER FORM WHICH IS THE BIGGEST VERSION. Please search it for full info

I need to know if a Normal sized graphic card will fit, because the low profile 6670 is £20 more than the Normal sized one, and i dont really want to spend that money if i can get a Cheaper normal sized one.

Please help!! Remember the Mini tower is the biggest version. Im just not sure if i need a low bracket card!
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  1. I think you are wasting your money. I think you should start with a different motherboard, a quad core processor.
    I don't think any video card is going to give you what you really want.
  2. That wasnt the question. The specs are good and can run high end games of this computer, i just need to know if it fits.
  3. The list of "approved" video cards are documented on the manufacturer website.
    The Motherboard documentation shows the approved video cards.
    It is always best to use one of the approved cards, and avoid problems...

    However, with a dual core processor, the resources for higher quality video are not really available.
    Sometimes it is better to realize that upgrading a video card will not actually solve the real underlying problem...not enough resources available.
  4. it works fine, i just bought the diamond radeon 6670 hd 2gb video card, i had to install the drivers manually but i played need for speed most wanted with no problems it auto detected mid settings but works fine on my 37 inch tv thru hdmi, so ur answer is yes will will fit,

    my 755 pc specs

    dual core 3.0ghz
    6gb ram pc 6400
    diamond radeon 6670 optiplex (6.9 out of 7.9 rating on windows assessment)
  5. another thing your gonna need a minimum 400 watt power supply
  6. Ive been told it will work fine with 305 watt
  7. but thank you!
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