Christmas Day Disaster: New Build won't post! Son loses faith.

Hello Experts,

I thought that it would be a great idea to build a new system with my son on Christmas day. I've been wanting him to understand more about what's inside the box since he spends his life online. I've built at least a half dozen systems starting back in the late 1980s. Lately it's been 3 or 4 years between builds as I've gone from enthusiast to mostly what ever laptop my company gives me. I'm a bit rusty... Started out great, my my son thinks that I'm a dud. I decided to base this system loosely around Tom's $500 gaming machine but spent a little extra, shopped at NEWEGG. Here are the basics:

MB Gigabyte|GA-970A-D3 AM3+ 970R
CPU AMD|4-Core FX-4170 4.2G R
HDD 500G|Toshiba DT01ACA050
VGA Powercolor|AX7850 1GBD5-DH R
PSU Corsair|CX600 600W RT
Blu-Ray Combo LG|CH12LS28 R

Everything went together well. Everything looked straight forward. When I turn on the power supply, fans start spinning, lights are on, After a few seconds, shuts down. There is no response from the power switch on the case. PWR Switch is plugged in to mobo and polarity is right. Disconnected everything, pulled memory, cycled power, same response--a few seconds of fans then off. Not even getting to memory test to give long beeps. Pulled CPU, what a mess. Everything was installed correctly and looked good. Took a bit to get it back together...sticky paste.

I looked over two of the troubleshooting threads. I haven't breadboarded yet or gotten out the multimeter to check PSU. I'm hopeful that somebody will have the magic answer of some stupid thing that I've done... The only thing that looked strange to me is that the 8-pin cpu power cable didn't match the socket exactly. The socket had 4 square holes, the power cable only had two, cable labelled "CPU" mobo labelled "ATX 12V".

Merry Christmas everyone. The Grinch has arrived at my house and it is I.

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  1. 8 pin cpu is for 125 watt cpu

    your mobo does have 8 pin socket see below

    and your PSU surely has 1 x 4+4 Pin ATX 12V

    4+4 atx pin from psu should be connected to 8 pin hole in mobo :)

    if you connect only 4 pin, it will not power up because of power shortage
  2. and the holes look square but look a little closer. the plugs are made to only go in one way.
  3. Sorry if I wasn't clear. I did plug the 8-pin cable labelled "CPU" cable from the PS to the 8-pin hole in the mobo. I was only mentioning that the connectors weren't identical in case it mattered. They do connect in the proper orientation though. Have been plugged in from the start. No change. =CPU Power =Main Power & RAM =Video Card & there is power but we aren't even getting that far.

    What was life before the internet, iphone, etc...
  4. try 1 ram stick in the slot closest to the processor.

    reset cmos first. and try and start before moving ram.
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