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Alright I am finishing up a fresh build with my computer and the last thing to buy is the graphics card. Price is an option and the two cards I were looking at were the evga 660 and 660ti.So here is what I want to know is it worth that extra 100 for the performance increase?? I have looked all over the net and really can't find a good answer. The games I play are Battlefield 3, crysis 1 and 2, mass effect 3, kingdom of amular Reckoning, Just Cause 2 etc. Gaming is really the only thing this computer sees besides playing a blu ray movie every once in awhile. I noticed that the frame rate difference between the two are only 10-12 frames on average throughout benchmarks if that. I will evenutally take 1 of the two cards into sli when the time comes.
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  1. i think the 660 is fine, but it depends on whether or not you want the extra ten frames. if your fine with max settings in bf3 with 40-50 fps then the 660 would be fine, but the 660ti gets about 60 frames on max settings
  2. From everything that I have read on here, the cost of the 660ti is not justified over the 660. I myself have the EVGA 660 SC and it works great. Others have posted alternative cards in the same price range like the 7850 or 7870 as to cost per performance ratio and say they are a better bargain. But I really like Nvida cards and mine performs better than I expected.
  3. I am a big nvdia fan and that is the way I want to go because I have had problems with amd drivers in the past and I know nvidia normally doesnt have that problem
  4. also, what screen resolution will you be using
  5. I only game on one monitor for now which is a 1920x1080 23" monitor, or sometimes I will hook up the computer to my 51" plasma and play but only 1 monitor.
  6. ok, the 660 is a better value, but if you want the extra 10 frames then go for the 660ti
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