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Hi guys, im having a serious problem. Just a few months ago (august) i built my first computer so i could play arma 2. here are my system specs...
amd phenom 965 deneb
sapphire radeon 6850
hyper x blu 4gb (2x2)
coolermaster gx series 450 watt psu
asus m5a78l-m lx plus mATX MOBO
western digital green 320gb hdd
coolermaster 431 elite case.
so all is well for a few weeks until my pc just randomly shuts off while im playing arma. now i looked it up and it said it could be a power surge, so i kinda just forgot about it. but just recently my pc has been shutting off every ten minutes. when i boot it back up it states that i have an unstable power supply but the weird thing is my case fans are directly connected to my psu and when my PC shuts off the fans are still running. im kinda at a loss because if it was my psu then fans should shut off to right? anyway im upgrading my psu to a corsair builder series 600 watt and my motherboard to a msi 990fxa-gd65v2 full size atx. just any thooughts about why my pc is behaving so weirdly and are the new parts a good idea?
thanks in advance
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  1. the problem could be anything

    this one is really long tips but it can save you from getting headache
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