How to choose best graphic card for upgrade

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  1. I need a good graphics card for my4 yer old Acer desk top cmputer. 3 GB memory, 250 GB SDATS hard disk, SuperMulti drive, E2160 Intel Pentium Dual Core processor.
  2. We need far more info than this, but a full upgrade may be in order...
  3. Really the three pieces of info we would need are, CPU (check ), PSU (Power Supply Unit), and Motherboard. Since you already know the CPU all you would need to gather is the wattage+name of your PSU and the name of your Mobo. PSU name and wattage should be on the PSU itself so popping the computer open and taking a peek to get that, the mobo should have stenciling on it with the name. If the mobo is hard to read you can always download Speccy from piriform and check that way.
  4. Power Supply is ThermalTake TR2-430
    Mother Board is N1996
  5. There is a large fan sitting on top of the CPU. If I identified the part correctly.
    The PSU has voltage listed as 115/230v. I do not see anything about wattage on it.
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