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Gtx 295 compatible mother board

I have a gigabyte GA-970A-UD3 mobo, and I was wondering if I purchase a gtx 295 if it would be possible to utilize this card on my mobo in sli, or would I need to get a board thats sli ready instead of crossfire?
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  1. Looks like your mobo supports CF but not SLI.
  2. So this card would not work? Ive never ran a dual gpu card before so im unsure on how this works.
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    Yes, the GTX 295 will work in the motherboard just fine. No worries at all. You just can't run 2 of them in SLI.

    Honestly, in most cases, it is better to have a single, more capable video card/GPU than a CF or SLI configuration. There is an issue called micro-stutter that causes many multi-GPU config users a lot of trouble. And, then there is the additional power required and heat/noise generated by the additional video card/GPU.
  4. I have two hd 4850's that I use sometimes and my single gtx285 almost always performs better while gaming. During benchmarks, the 4850s get just a slight slight better score, nothing to get to excited about though.
  5. Understood. 2 HD4850s would get much hotter and require more power as well.

    With your motherboard, the primary PCIe x16 slot is indeed x16, while the secondary slot is only x4 (even though it looks like a x16 slot). Just something else to keep in mind.

    I would recommend you stick with the single GTX 295 (or 285) until you can get something like a HD7870 (or better) or 650ti (or better). Sell the 2 HD4850s and use that cash toward a new GPU.
  6. How much are you paying for that 295? Maybe give us a budget and we can find you a better card for the price.
  7. I could get a 295 for 80. But in feb im upgrading to intel board and cpu (I5 2500k and asus board) and Im either goin with the 5970 or 7970. Opinions?
  8. Im goin to spend about a grand on the next build, keeping my case, br burner and psu, and ram if i can use it in an intel board.
  9. I say get your good video card now then upgrade the rest of your system to match it in feb. Go with either the 7970 or maybe a 670.
    And why a I5 2500k over the new I5?
  10. Ive heard alot of good things about the 2500k, but im not an intel guy so im not sure which one to go for.
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