Dell 1545 inspiron webcam download

Sir my laptop model No .dell 1545 inspiron webcam drivers

pls immediately

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  1. 1. go to dells website

    2. download the drivers

    3. not to be mean, but seriously?
  2. The Inspiron 1545 laptop web cam was killed by the installation the windows 7 upgrade on top of Vista. I fixed mine by removing the top 4 screws that hold the bezel to the display and gaining enough room to unplug the web cam cable with a small flat blade screw driver. Startup the laptop with the camera unplugged and after a few minutes do a normal shut down. Reconnect the camera cable and restart windows again. Wait a few more minutes and windows will discover the camera and install the right windows drivers. Install the 4 screws and you are done. :bounce:
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