Nvidia geforce gt 8500

Out of the sudden if i boot my pc with my nvidia geforce on it gives me an 8 beep post code, if i remove it and start with the integrated one it s all fine, what can the problem be?
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  1. it goes like 2 short beeps, pause, another 8 and just the regular 1 beep pause 1 beep and proceeds to boot without displaying anything
  2. psu is a cooler master 500
  3. Is it displaying through the integrated graphics when it is working?

    I would try the GPU in another friend's system.
  4. So when i put in my dedicated nvidia card it just posts the code, but if i take it out and plug the monitor on the integrated one it starts regularly, i was suggested that the video memory (VRAM) has gone bad, anyway to fix that?
  5. Not really. Did you get the card used?
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