Help upgrading graphics card, please

I've never built my own PC, though in the future I'd like to. I figure I'd start small and try upgrading the video card on a prebuilt PC I bought last year. This is the PC.

Here are my questions.

1. Do I have to pick an AMD GPU since the CPU is AMD?
2. Am I limited in anyway other than power supply? (Such as CPU power, case design, etc)
3. What are some options in a range of prices I could browse?
4. Would I need any special tools?

Thanks so much!
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  1. u dont have go with amd if u dont want to and u dont any special tools and what ur prices range
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    you will in the end be limited by your cpu.,3106-5.html
    i wouldnt go much faster of a card without upgrading the cpu as well.
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