Is it worth it to upgrade, or should I wait?

I am upgrading some components for my computer (MoBo, CPU, HDD and monitor), and I am wondering if it is worth it to upgrade my GPU. I have two Radeon 6850s in Crossfire (only getting one at x16, and the other at x4 currently, which is why I am upgrading... as well as the fact that my motherboard is starting to fail), but a fellow told me that it would not be worth it to upgrade just yet, and that I should wait another year.

Should I upgrade, or wait?
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  1. Its really up to you. If you can't play the games you want on the settings you want, then it is time for an upgrade.

    If you can play what you want on the settings you want, or don't mind lowering them, then just keep what you have.
  2. If your motherboard is failing, it is time to replace it.
    You will get 0 fps if it fails.
    Forget the fact that cf of a second card at X4 will bring both cards down to X4 capability.

    Yes, you can pay more for a cf capable motherboard and perhaps a stronger psu to run a second card.
    But, I would be more inclined to sell your 6850 in favor of a single strong card.
    Some games do not play well with sli .
    And then there is the issue of microstuttering with lower powered cards.
    Read more about it here:,2995.html

    As to waiting, I do not see a big price performance boost for the gamer when haswell arrives next year.
    I see a 3570K as a 4 year gaming solution.
  3. You can always wait for the next upgrade, but then you'll never get anything. You have to pounce at some point.

    I'm with Geo. If your mboard is going bad, you need to replace it. Worst case, it's possible your mboard will start damaging anything plugged into it. At that point you're talking a whole new build, not just a mboard and CPU.

    I'm also not a fan of multi-card builds due to the potential graphic problems ( note, problems and incompatibilities aren't a given, but they can happen. )
  4. i think you will get a substantial increase in performance with spending ~$325 for any ivy i5 and a Z77 motherboard with x8, x8 to support the Xfire (for now).
  5. You have to look at upgrading your PC is like standing by a swift cold river you have to bite the bullet and just jump in when your ready. There is always something better coming out next year. Your system will always be obsolete in 3-6 months after you build it. If you keep waiting you'll never improve your system.

    If these VGA cards were PCI-E 3.0 you could get a new Motherboard with 3.0 support and get a higher speed 2nd port support like 8X. You could sell them and get a new card then add a 2nd model later for Crossfire or SLI depending on if you go AMD or Nvidia. I just upgraded my Motherboard, CPU, RAM, VGA card and added a SSD. Life is good after my upgrade.

    Determine what you can afford and go for the best bang for the money. Be sure it will run the programs you want to well. Not just barely so you can really enjoy them. If your motherboard is failing you may not as much time as you think. Start planning and saving now you may have a complete failure at any time.

    I got the i5-3570K at Microcenter and the price is like $169 there right now. I got my SanDisk Extreme 120 SSD for $90.50 online free shipping and no tax. Shop around there are always great deals out there. No one place will be best at everything. The most important thing is to be happy with your build when you are done.
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