Need to know if I have necessary wattage for SLI

I currently have a 750 Watt power supply that runs 1 Gtx 560 Ti and a i5-2500k processor and I need to know if I can safely run another 560 Ti in SLI and overclock my CPU safely with my current power supply. I really dont want to have to buy another PSU but will if need be. Thanks
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  1. It depends on the quality of the 750W. What make/model is it?
  2. Its an OCZ ZT series 750 W 80+ bronze
  3. If it has the 4 6-pins, it should be enough for those cards.
  4. It sure does, thanks Deemo
  5. No problem.
  6. OCZ ZT is one of the better OCZ psu's:

    It will be sufficient for GTX560ti in sli:

    You will do very well in synthetic benchmarks, but sli brings some other possible issues.
    1. some games do not play well with sli.
    2. You may experience microstuttering.
    Read about it here to see if it might matter to you:,2995.html

    I might be inclined to do things the easy way, and just market your gtx560ti in favor of a much stronger single card .
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