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Im looking into buying a new video card for my ASUS desktop. I have :

(Currently GTX460 Galaxy 768mb)
8gb ram DDR3
i7 3600K

I'm looking for a video card that will stay competetive for a couple of years and be able to play all new games at highest settings for a couple of years as well.

So far I have been looking into:

*Asus GTX 670 2gb ($400)
*Asus GTX 670 3gb ($435)
*Evga GTX 680 2gb ($469)

I'm still open for new suggestions and ideas for what I can buy. Please help me to make a good decision to buy a nice video card.
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  1. I don't know much about high end video cards but go to a website like:
    and see which is faster and if it would make a difference. If you are running on large monitor(s) then go with extra gbs. Hope this might of helped.
  2. i have the msi power edition gtx 670 and i highly recommend it, in my opinion the 680 isnt worth the extra money
  3. Out of that selection, definitely the GTX 670 3gb, when a 670 is overclocked, it can outrun a 680 if done correctly, seeing on how the 670 is also cheaper, and has more RAM, shoot for that.
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    670 is a good choice. I would go for the 3gb version if it's only a couple bucks extra. As for what brand to get for your card it doesn't matter a whole lot. Most brands have about the same build quality.
  5. Don't bother with a 680. SO not worth it.

    Unless you're playing at a resolution higher than 1080p, don't bother with 3GB VRAM.

    Also... the next line of video cards will be coming out in a few months. Unless your card died, I'd wait till then - these cards will be cheaper, and the new ones are going to have a fairly sizable performance boost.
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