First time building a system ( no power but mobo light is on)

Hi everyone, i just got my new cooler master HAF 932 case along with the following
1) intel core i7-3770K 3.5GHz cpu fan included.
3)Memory - corsair vengeance 8GB DDR3 (2x4GB)
4)GPU - EVGA GTX660 3GB signature 2
5)PSU - Thermaltake black widow TR2 RX 850WATT

Now after assemblin everyting together the computer will not start...there is a 4 pin from the PSU s connected to the SYS_FAN1 and when ever i remove that 4 pin the computer will start and then shut down after a couple of seconds. And when it is connected the computer will start for a split second. i tryed to reassemble everything like more than 5 times and i give up i dont know what the problem is !!!

Any help ? could it possiblybe that i got a faulty component ?? OHH and btw i tested my psu with clipper and it works just fine.
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  1. Don't use any power supply connections for "sys_fan1". Leave it empty. You may have a ram stick not seated properly, or your board may be shorting against metal on the backplate or under the board. I would breadboard the motherboard on a non conductive surface; check the backplate for squareness and leftover metal touching one of your ports. Odds of having a bad component are pretty low. Also check for loose screws and uneven standoffs under the board. And finally be sure you're using the correct ps connector on the 12v 8 pin port on the board. With breadboarding, you don't have any optical or hardrives connected, just the cpu/heatsink/one stick of ram/ and video cable from your monitor, since you have onboard video. Remove the video card for breadboarding. If the board posts, maybe you are using the wrong connector for your video card. Lots of possibilities for operator errors.
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