Microstrategy 9 desktop error code 0x8002801c

Hi All,
I installed microstrategy 9 desktop application on my machine( Mine is windows 7 with 64-bit OS) . After installation when I try to open it I was getting ActiveX component can't create object. After searching for a solution I found that it is a registry problem and to fix this I have to run the below two commands in command prompt

First to unregister a file:
regsvr32 /u REGOBJ.DLL

Then to register a file:
regsvr32 REGOBJ.DLL

I was succesfullyable to execute the first command. When I run the second command it showed me the error with error code "0x8002801c".
Can any one please help me.

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  1. They do have a forum, why dont you post this question there!

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