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Hello everyone, I here am caught in an odd situation.I have an old ASrock P4I45GV 3.00 mainboard with a pentium 4 processer,1 gb DDR RAM.I can not afford to upgrade as I plan to buy a i7 core laptop in a couple of days.Yet i do not want to dump this PC. So, my question- IS there any GPU upgrades suggested for my PC ? My main board supports upto 8x AGP and there are 3 PCI slots. I do not want much in a GPU - just to run games releaed till 2008-2009 i.e HwTnl support and some good shaders. My internal GPU Intel 845 G supports nothing.

So can anyone suggest me a compatible GPU (still available in market) ?
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  1. See if u can pickup an AGP ATI HD4670
    i've seen some floating around I think that is the most powerful AGP card they made
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