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so i have a 6850 and a 2 monitor setup (also kinda looking at a third), just got a new monitor so now i have a 24" @ 1080 and a 22" @ 1080 and i'm starting to feel some major lag spikes, so basicly i'm looking at upgrading. so what should i go up to

was looking at a 7870 or a 660 ti other suggestions are accepted but from these cards u should see my price range (less then $300 CAD)


660 ti

Edit: i use the biggest monitor i have, in this case a 24" for gaming, and i will have the other 2 doing side tasks, watching movies, playing music, browsing the internet, etc. the lag spikes are bringing me down to 35 ish fps when i'm doing something intensive on the 2nd monitor. so these spikes will get worse when i get a third, ergo i will need a better GPU, again its just for 1 monitor gaming and 2 medium intensity tasks (sorry for the run on sentences i'm writing this at midnight and i'm kinda tired)
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  1. What games? If you want decent fps on 3 monitors you need a 7970 and possibly crossfire
  2. If you are trying triple monitor gaming, then you need a strong graphics card to manage that many active pixels.

    If you are gaming on a single monitor, the addition of a side monitor will not impact gaming on the primary monitor.
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