New built rig help.

Well before posting my rig's stuff i want to tell you that i live in Greece and i want to avoid ordering parts from abroad. So the shop i am going to use is which has a very nice page where you can choose your parts as it calculates the prices , being able to choose from every part available at the store.

That being said. I want a computer that will last, a computer i can easily play games on but at the same time, since i am a applied graphics arts student, i want to be able to run a lot of heavy programs at the same time. Also Video rendering will be a thing in a couple of months so i will have to get a good graphic's card instead of just a mediocre one that can run games perfectly.

Now onto the rig!

Case: Thermaltake Chaser Mk-1

I believe this is a great case and definatly greater than whatever i had before. It has tons of power with 2 pre-installed 200mm fans as well as dust filters EVERYWHERE! Also it's extra big so i guess there won't be any cable management and size problems.

CPU:intel i7 3770 k

The 3770k is built in such a way it can tap into the pci 3 capabilities right? So why not spend a few extra euros and get a good cpu that i will benefit from in everything. Maybe not so much on my gaming but i won't have a problem while using it for university projects. Plus, the K version since they tend to live more and i want my pc to last.

Mobo: ASrock z77 extreme 4.

Its an older model but its also the cheapest one that can use all the new technologies i will use in this new desktop. Hyperthreading and all. Truth is i went a little cheap on a mobo cause really i had to go cheap somewhere.

Gpu: ASUS GTX670-DC2-2GD5

Honestly, after long hours of searching since i am an nvidia fan and not afraid to admit it i chose the 670. Most said that 130 euro difference between this and the 680 is not worth it. Since i dont plan to overclock at all i believe this should be the card since it provides extreme gaming capabilities as well as nice shader clocks for my rendering and stuff.


Because more is not needed and less is not worth it. 1600 mhz of pure corsais awesomeness !


Led and Lcd? 2 HDMI ports? 20.000.000: 1 contrast ? YES PLEASE

OS: Windows 7 64 bits.
Cause windows 8 are meh.

650 W seem enough for me and there is the 80+ certification thing that draws my eye. plus under 100 euros.

Basically for this thing i will pay around 1400-1500 euros because of some discounts and stuff.
I dont plan on overclocking since i dont like it ( opinion ) .
Comment on anything you like, give me suggestioms changes and anything you seem fit. Also if something is wrong with my rig, for example if something does not fit with the others or i wont be able to use 100% of my capabilities because of a part then please say so.

Thank you community!
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  1. I forgot to include my hard drives.
    And OCZ vertex 3 120 G
    and an hdd 3TB Caviar green sorry for the inconvienience
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