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HD7770/HD7750 with FX-8150 + Corsair 430W PSU

Which display cad should I go with, my PSU is 430w only.
HD7770 or HD7750?
NewEgg is saying that HD7770 burns 100w while HD7750 with 80w.

Can I go with HD7770 as it slightly better config??
Following is my Configuration:

4x2 Corsair 1600Mhz DDr3
ASUS M5A88-m
500 GB HDD WD 6gbps
430w Corsair PSU
No Optical drive.
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    A 430w would work fine with both cards, even other higher end cards. As for me I dont go that low. I have a 800w Corsair Gaming Series when all my fans and system dont even draw half of that. But as for your system, youll be fine with a 430w.
  2. you can run the HD7770 with plenty of power to spare
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  4. Thanks guys.....
    Any other suggestion for better card than HD7770
  5. gtx 660 or hd 7850 but it might be pushing your psu to the limit..
  6. Hello ianoop, do you know how many PCI-e connectors your PSU has? I am going to guess 1 6pin.

    Unfortunately, better cards usually need 2 6 pins (or some combination of more than 1 pin).

    That being said, a 650ti is a pretty good card (don't expect ultra / max settings). Prices in Canada are that the 650ti is about $150, with $20 MiR, and the 7770 starts at $100 (though the 650ti does come with Assassins Creed 3).

    Important to note: The newest drivers for AMD bring performance way up in certain games (12.11 drivers). If you look at Benchmarks, make sure to check which drivers they are using, as it may not be the newest.
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