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Sorry to bother you, but hope someone can help.

We have a renovation company in Barrie, Ontario Canada. We are updating our website and would like to incorporate some video clips of home renovations we have done. Also we need to capture some still images from videos we have taken and put them on our site (We realize the quality won't be that great, but they are "before" renovation pictures). We need to buy a video capture program that will enable us to do these things. As you can see we don't require or wish for an expensive program, just something that will do the best job for our needs. Our computer technician has recommended ATI All-In-Wonder 128 Pro but this video card seems to focus on mainly TV watching and recording, 3D modeling program, 3D games with video capture and editing as being the small part of the package. It does cature 720 X 480 as recommended but it has a lot of bells and whistles that we will never use and software that are are a total waste of money to us. The video editing program is not very friendly - ULEAD Video Studio. We definitely need a better bundle of software focused on our needs.

We simply want a video capture program or card that will allow us to capture from an analog camcorder, edit video and capture stills.

Thank you for your time and we really appreciate any recommendations you can make!
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  1. ATI TV Wonder(USB or PCI) works great. You can get the latest software from their website.
  2. For your needs, ATI all-in-wonder is the best bet. There are stand alone video capture cards out there, but they are expensive. The cheapest stand alone I know of starts at 700$ U.S.
    Ulead is not the greatest for video editing. Adobe Premeire is THE best. But it also has a high learning curve. So if you want the best, be prepared to spend a couple of months getting comfortable with the software.
    ALso its insanely expensive. If you happen to be on morpheus one day. And your fingers slipp and spell out the word "premeire" by accident in the search field. You may accidentally run across a copy of it. the evil hackers and those that violate copyrights say you need a crack for it to work. hmmmm... just a thought.
    Hey if you only need these shots once. WHy not just hire someone to do it for you. In the end that will save you time and money. If you want to continually update your site with video, thats a different story. If u do it yourself, there is a learning curve. Be prepared.
    I would HIGHLY suggest the adobe premeir forums for the finer points of video editing.

    year 2010: Intel? Whose that?
  3. Pinnacle Studio AV version 7 is a nice 130$ capture card with simple to use program.
    Pinnacle DV500+ are running aat less then 500$ and coming with full version of Premier 6.
    Much more choices under the 700$ range.

    Intel / AMD - <A HREF="" target="_new">IBM are still the best</A>
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