2 Monitors - but only 1 is color

Hi all, I have a dell 760 PC with a dual ATI card in it (no frills card)
It was working fine as I have a few systems of the exact same spec but one morning one of the monitors is only black and white.

Weird thing is if you restart the PC, the Dell logo is color and the Windows startup is color...but on starting windows its black and white....

The other monitor is fine, so I switched the cables and the black and white now is on the other screen so I am of course discounting the screens as a problem.

I have swapped the graphics card with another and still the same. Of the two ports on the card its always port 1 thats will make the screen black and white regardless of which card I put in.

So my question is does this sound like a motherboard fault or a very simple config problem inside windows.

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  1. you answered it yourself looks like its a cable gone bad.
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