Uninstalling old graphics drivers

my son is trying to replace his old graphics card with a new Geforce 650ti but the comp doesnt recognise it is installed. Device manager/display adaptors shows NVIDIA GeForce 7025 / NVIDIA nForce 630a i have uninstalled them several times but they come back. any thoughts on how to remove them as the new driver wont install.
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  1. if those are onboard make sure to set it in BIOS to the new card and install the drivers from Nvidia's website
  2. as long as the card is not recognized you not be able to install newer drivers since they won't support the onboard graphics.

    do you have the monitor connected to the card and getting a signal? is it seated properly in the slot?

    i am going to assume the slot does work since you upgraded a card and not just the onboard graphics(?)
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