Laptop doesnt recognise specific ethernet cable

I bought a FLAT GREY Ethernet Network LAN Patch Cable LSOH LSZH Low Smoke 15m (RJFLAT-15)

I ran it where i need to from my router to a 10/100 switch box.

Before connecting it to the switch box i plugged it into my laptop (dell inspiron 1545) and the laptop wouldn't recognise it. i tried a different ethernet cable from the router which the laptop found and connected to the internet as expected.

I plugged the new cable into the switch and found that the xbox and bluray player both have a connection to the internet and i can play HD content off the BBC Iplayer pefectly.

Is there any particular reason why the laptop wouldnt recognise it, i have tried connecting the laptop to a different cable from the switch box and it still won't connect to the net, so there is something about the new cable it doesn't like.

any help with this to understand why its not playing would be appreciated. It's not a big problem as I am not going to be connecting the laptop to it in the future, but to understand why would help!

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  1. You said you connected it to the laptop before you connected it to the switch, was there anything on the other end of the cable? If you just plug in a dead cable into the laptop it won't see anything.
  2. Hello,

    It was connected to the router from one end, and the laptop the other end.

    When connected to the laptop it the internet wouldn't connect.

    when connected to the switch and another cable from the switch to the laptop the internet wouldn't connect.

    when connecting same cable from the switch to the xbox it connected.

    when connecting same cable from the switch to the bluray player it connected.

    The laptop doesnt like something, just not sure what... hence the question to you wiser guys :)
  3. So it's not just that one cable that does not work. Do you have link lights on the laptop? Does it pick up an IP?
  4. I'm not making myself clear am I ! :( sorry!

    If i connect the laptop to the router with a cable i already own it works fine. If i connect it with the new cable it doesnt recognise it.

    Connecting the cable to the to the switch box, and then two cables from the switch to the xbox and bluray they connect fine, but connecting it from the switch box also doesnt give an internet connection......

    so the cable works with everything but the laptop. its only the new one, mentioned in the first post..

    Does that help.?
  5. You're adding in some stuff in here that probably reads not the way you intended.

    New cable in switch to laptop, no internet. Is there a link light? Do you get an IP?

    New cable in exact same port on the switch to xbox and/or bluray, no issue right? Meaning you just unplug the new cable from the laptop, move it to the xbox and that xbox works online.

    Old cable to laptop is good it seems, did you try it in the same port as the new cable? Try the new cable with a different computer maybe?

    Could be something funky with the connections on the laptop to the new cable though. Since you just got the cable, return it for another of the same thing see if that works.
  6. you got it :)

    when connecting the cable either direct from Laptop, or via switch gives no light nor IP address.......

    any old cable from router to laptop works every time.

    and what you said about connecting to xbox spot on.....

    I am not fussed about returning it, as its not actually for the laptop, the only reason i connected it was to run a speed test.

    I just wondered if there was a reason the laptop wouldn't accept it....
  7. You tried the same port you used with the new cable with an old one, and it works?
  8. new cable doesnt work
    old cables do work...

    the fault lies only with the new cable... :)
  9. You didn't accidently get a crossover cable did you? Some devices automatically correct for that, some don't.
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