Is this a good build? ( Help much appreciated )

Hey everyone at Tom's hardware. Im a total PC building noob and was wondering if someone could give me a hand. Is this a good build that would run...

- Guild Wars 2
- Planetside 2
- Torchlight 2
- Arma 2

I really just want to play a few games but I DEFINITELY WILL BE UPGRADING. Is this a good build that CAN be upgraded over time?

All help is very appreciated!
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  1. Actually not bad value for what it is. However, as you are using built-in graphics, whilst not bad, performance not great. Also not easily upgraded. You can add modest GPU, in crossfire, but doesn't perform well, with that CPU range.
    Difficult to come up with much better, at price. What is budget, cos some flexibility would help.
  2. How about this one, a friend of mine recommended it. Say's it's very upgradable and will do okay at the start.
  3. That is a lot better. Later you could just replace that 6670 with a beefier card and higher wattage psu. BUT, with that cpu socket, you will only be able to upgrade to future apu's. I think an am3/am3+ build would be better because those chips are more common and range from a 4 core to an 8 core.

    EDIT: I hope you know that you didn't include a psu in your build. That Lepa 550w that TekSyndicate is using in their build looks like a good bet.
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