670 windforce or 7970 Sapphire OC



Sapphire might be shipping voltage locked cards so I might get the MSI one instead. what do you guys recommend.

Looks the 6970s are having bad first batches and drivers.
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  1. Get this : http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130843

    It has the highest oc from factory for a 670gtx, it has the 680 gtx pcb, good cooling system, and it overclocks well, plus evga support is the best.

    If not get the gigabyte 670 gtx windforce 2x.
  2. I'd get the Winfroce 3X version. Both cards will perform identically. Go with the cheapest.
  3. 7970 Is faster then 670
  4. Which one is it O_O. FTW vs sapphire
  5. Well both are great options and beast cards you can't go wrong either way it also depends what games you play The gtx 670 will perform better in some games It's also quieter, and allows gaming with PhysX and Adaptive VSync.FXAA, TXAA, better driver support, Turbo Boost,Cuda elect.In some games the 7970 would preform better Amd cards tend to work better on high resolutions and multiple screens(higher vram, better resolution scaling). If you do bitcoining or use OpenCL programs, 7970 is for you. If its a single screen and main purpose is gaming at 1920x1080, I would recommend GTX 670 they pretty much trade blows there no clear winner don't get the AMD cards if you are unwilling to overclock them, as their value lies in overclocking.
  6. Clemsonblade said:
    Which one is it O_O. FTW vs sapphire

    Get this now : http://us.ncix.com/products/?sku=77327&vpn=02G-P4-3677-KR&manufacture=eVGA&promoid=1033

    Hurry up and get it, it has a really good price.
  7. Still unsure. People have said that 6970 outperforms the 670 without ocing. Does this stay true to the FTW edition of the card. And can I expect considerately higher speeds from a moderately air cooled case on the 6970.
  8. The 7970 since it's updated drivers has made it just as powerful as the 680 and does better with higher resolutions. I own a 670 myself and i would say go with the 7970. However both cards are pretty good.
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