Did I broke something?

After cleaning my pc blowing dust off of it, I forgot that when i was pluging in the DVI connector to the videocard the monitor was turned on. and now my computer turns on and off cycle and No display please enlighten.
fans are spinning vcard, cpu, and PSU but the problem is there is no signal in monitor and the system is turning on and off.

Im so angry at myself right now... pls enlighten me
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  1. I doubt hot-swapping the DVI cable caused the issue, In what way did you remove the dust? and was the pc on while doing so?
  2. paddys09 said:
    I doubt hot-swapping the DVI cable caused the issue, In what way did you remove the dust? and was the pc on while doing so?

    Blower, the pc was off the monitor was on when i connected it to my videocard
  3. What kind of "blower"? seriously unlikely this issue was caused by the cable or monitor

    If your talking about a blower attatched to a compressor did it have a water trap/inline filter and pressure regulated?
  4. electric blower
  5. Never really trusted anything like that, cans of compressed air are usually better as any liquid in it is a solvent that evaporates. An electric blower doesn't have any filtering, so if you are in a humid environment its picking up water...

    Have you checked around all your cables? in case anything has been knocked? If anything like that happened to me I would start stripping down the pc and inspecting the components, then rebuilding to see if that helps... you could also try removing the front panel power/reset switches and powering it on manually either by shorting the 2 power switch pins or if you have an onboard power button on your mobo as I have had those cables short on me in the past causing similar issues...

    How frequently does it power on/off
  6. its started today just as i finished blowing dust

    I turn on the pc all fans seem to spin and after a minute it powers down and on again and there is no display signal in monitor
  7. Yea its most likely your culprit...if you are comfortable building, then I would start stripping everything back to the motherboard, having a good look around to see if you can see any mosture or shorts and then reuild....

    ...You could try the monitor of a different machine if possible, but as its powering off of its own accord then most likely somethings gone wrong in the cleaning process...

    Edit: also check that your CPU fan is properly connected as some machines will react in a similar way if its not....what are your specs too?
  8. thanks i knew i messed up
  9. gtx 260
    620 w psu
    4 gig ram
  10. i have a question

    is my computer now dead?
  11. no there a fault in the pc right now. i would check that in the power supply that dust was not blown into it and causing a short. also check for any fallen screws under the mb. sometimes with age a screw can fall out. durning cleaning it can fall under the mb and cause a short. a lot of times over time cards and ram can walk. i would try and reset the video card and ram. if it still going into a reboot loop. I would see if someone had a spare power supply. to make sure your mb getting good clean power. the last step is look for on your ram and video card and mb for broken caps and resistors. most new mb use flat waved on caps and resistors. if your not care full on cleaning you can rip one of these small parts off your mb or ram.
  12. thats a relief I already ask a technician to take a look at it
  13. bsky said:
    i have a question

    is my computer now dead?

    No don't worry too much, at worst 1 maybe 2 components may have failed, but you may get away with nothing more than a rebuild... DO NOT open your PSU or or poke anything in it, can be very dangerous, alot worse than a shock you would get from the wall..
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