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I have a monitor(with a credit card reader if that matters) hooked up to a computer. It's been working for a while until it suddenly shut off. I checked the monitor on another computer and it turned on immediately. I grabbed a spare monitor(without a credit card reader) I have and connected it to the "broken" computer and that monitor turned on fine. Is there a specific area I should troubleshoot to fix this problem? When the monitor with the credit card reader is connected to the broken computer, the light turns green.

The monitor is something like this one:$(KGrHqUOKnIE535F(Y2dBOfItdN18g~~60_35.JPG
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  1. I don't know much about this kind of monitor but you will have more luck if you post the model and brand of the monitor.
  2. It is Elo Touchsystems 1525L
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