Is the i5-3470 good for gaming?

Are there any big differences between this and the 3570k? I won't be overclocking so I didn't think it was worth it
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  1. is it good for gaming? yes. are there any BIG differences without overclocking? do you consider a 0.2 ghz difference big? i'm guessing no
  2. Its a bit slower than a 3570k at stock, and cant overclock.

    Still good for gaming though.
  3. 3570K Worth it.not only 0.2ghz also oc enabled.
  4. Learn how to oc.its simple and easy.
    if u oc 3570K its 1ghz faster then 3470.
    1Ghz really help in gaming compare to 3470. think .
    its like not only u r butget.
  5. the 3470 will perform exact the same as the 3570k perform , and wouldn't notice any change unless you overclock it at 4.0ghz ( Minimum ) , but the 3470 don't have this advantage "overclocking"
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