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ATI 7950 with Vray and VrayRT -help needed-

Hello everyone ,

i'm considering buying the 7950 and there are reports that it doesn't work with VrayRT

can someone who has the card AND has the catalyst 12.11 check whether if it works or not ?!

of course it can be checked on 3d max or maya or c4d or rhino. you can use your preferred application.

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  1. Yes, it works. For system requirements, go here:

    What is the source of your information?
  2. nagasumi said:

    That is an old thread and drivers are much better now. Should not be an issue.
  3. thanks for your replies man :D. i see you have an HD6970 and seems to me from your second rig that you work in the 3d production. can you check if your card work with vrayRT ?! ( you can download the demo version if you haven't got it ).
  4. I'll setup later this evening. I am not at my home office where my personal rigs are located right now.
  5. will be waiting . i'll buy the card soon and hopefully going for crossfire, so that'll boost the use of the GPUs and will have 6 gigs of vram, which is very good.
  6. What are the specs for the system the HD7950 (or two) will be installed in?
  7. CPU : i7-3770k.
    Mobo: Asrock extreme 6.
    Ram: 16 gigs 8x2 dual channel.
    Storage: 256 SSD and 1.7 tb HDD
    PSU : Antec 1000W

    GPU : 2x Sapphire 7950 OC 3GB

    might go a little lower on specs and invest in a water cooling setup to overclock my CPU and GPU
  8. Nice rig. So you game and do 3d work on the same rig? What apps are you using (planning to use)?

    What heatsink/fan are you using?
  9. not gonna use a heatsink untill i have more money :D . planning on a full water cooling since it's more quite and better performance and visuals. and , for the money, it provides really good results.

    as for apps. Yeah, both games and work. mainly photoshop, 3d and might go for video editing. along with programming and simulations.

    i was wanting to get an i7-3930k , but for the price difference/performance ratio, i don't think i'll get it.
  10. So, you are using the stock Intel heatsink. If so, I don't recommend OCing with it. Folks do use the stock unit for mild OCing, but I don't think the risk. You are better to wait.
  11. i will actually. i don't plan on spending, say 130$ for a cooling solution such as the H100, when i can get a nice full water cooling from say XSPC for about 200$.
  12. up up :)
  13. Will get you an answer in a just a few minutes.
  14. appreciated man :D
  15. Works fine on my workstation with FirePro V3900. Will try on main rig shortly.
  16. awesome news :D. can you printscreen so i can see how many paths ?! preferably for both CPU and GPU configurations (like to see how they compare ).

    Thanks really. your help is much appreciated :D
  17. nagasumi said:
    up up :)


    Bump posts
  18. sorry mod :) , new here
  19. Best answer
    Main rig works fine as well. Can't do screens tonight. Too many other things to do. Sorry.
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  21. thanks man :D. your help is much appreciated. wish you the best with your work.

    if yo have some spare time later, pictures will be much appreciated :D.

    now excuse me while i confirm my purchases ;).
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