Second monitor going in sleep-mode

Hello, recently i got a new computer with the following components :
-Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3570K CPU @3.40GHz
-64Bit windows 7 premium family edition

When I tried to plug a second screen to it, everything worked. Then after a while of gaming (speaking of days here) the second monitor started flickering once in a while, then the flickering occured in waves of 5-10 quick flickers, now yesterday my screen just went completely black (sleep-mode) i tried to plug another screen (both were Dell screens) but still black, now could please someone lighten me up what the problem could be here? I reinstalled all the drivers for my graphic card, checked the configurations for the external screen and everything seems normal!!

All help will greatly be appreciated!!
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  1. so you cannot get that DVI plug on the GPU to work at all with any monitor?

    That sounds line hardware issues.

    what GPU are you using?
  2. I just tried to plug it on on my tv-screen i use for my playstation and it works fine, could it be a problem with those two screens? I use a Geforce GTX 660 nvidea
  3. i would try a new cable. It could be the screens. Weird both are having a problem.

    What I would do is plug your main PC monitor into that port to ensure it is not the GPU.

    Guess you could also leave the TV plugged in for a bit to check it.
  4. Yes, i'm leaving it checked in to see if it's the fault of the screens or cable, no flickering atm so i'll see later...
    But the screen is way too big to use permanently so i'm really looking for a solution here, but i already thank you for your response
  5. If that screen is working i would try a different monitor cable. If that does not fix anything you could try the main port on the GPU.

    After that try a different monitor :(
  6. Well, my tv is plugged in the port i plugged both my second monitors on and no problems so far, could it be that the screen are too old to support windows 7? They're a little less large than my main monitor so, so maybe the resolution can't be adjusted correctly and therfore it goes in sleepmode?
  7. Try to lower your resolution to low and the colors to 16 bit. See if that helps.

    also see if you can lower the refresh rate in the computer settings.
  8. Well i did that, now my second monitor displays again, but flickers once in a while... It's a beginning :p
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