Is there such a beast as an in-box CD/DVD player AND CD/RW burner combo? I want to replace my current CD/DVD player running on the secondary IDE slave with a CD/RW burner but want to retain both CD and DVD read functions. I have only one slot. None of the "11 24X10X40 Burners" mention DVD read capability, I assume that function is both software and hardware related. I have no interest in burning DVD's. With my IDE fully loaded, could I run an external burner and the existing CD/DVD drive for disc-to-disc copy? How would I run it?

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  1. Yep, they just came out.

    I've seen them for $429+. Dvd ram/dvd rom/cdrw.

    I'm not sure, but most likely <A HREF="" target="_new"></A> will be one of the first to have a review of them/it.
  2. there are several cdrom\dvd readers with cd-rw capabilty available .. my neighbor has an LG and it works just fine think he paid about 199.00 for it (usd)


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  3. I would check out
    click CD Recorders, and look for the listings that say "Combo ...X DVD"

    Combo 8X:
    Combo 4X:
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