Deciding on how to spend 300$ on an partial upgrade.

Hello, guys. I am currently deciding on a new build.
Here's my current one:

CPU-AMD X2 4600(two cores 2,4Ghz)

Motherboard-Asus M2N-X Plus


Monitor resolution 1650x1050

Well it's practically obvious why I'm up for an upgrade. Problem is I'm on a pretty tight budget and I won'be able to upgrade everything at once.

Now the question is - should I first upgrade the mobo,cpu and ram, or first upgrade the GPU.

Most new games (meaning far cry 3, max payne 3, even witcher 2) run on pretty low fps despite the graphics settings I use, so I've come to the conclusion that it's CPU's fault. But then again I could be wrong. Am I?

So how does the idea of upgrading the cpu and overclocking the GPU as much as i can until I get the new one in a couple of months sound to you? Would I probably be able to run games better?

As a cpu upgrade I've decided to go with the fx 6300 with the asus M5A97, and the GPU will most probably be the HD7850/70
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  1. I'd definitely recommend going with a CPU/MoBo/RAM upgrade first, but I'd ask how long it would take to up the budget to $400. If you could do so in a couple of weeks or so, I'd recommend going with an Intel Core I5-3570 build. If there is no certain way you can up the budget within a month, then I see nothing wrong with going with the AMD FX 6300.

    -Wolf sends
  2. I am mostly worried whether the CPU/MoBo/RAM will be a good enough upgrade for there to be a noticeable difference in gaming, i.e. will my current GPU bottleneck it too much.
    I'm asking because if it is so then that defeats the purpose of upgrading now and I should probably do it when I have the money for everything(which will be 6 months from now, and that's why I'm wondering about making the partial upgrade now).
  3. If a full system build is six months away, I'd go ahead and wait until then. A lot can change in six months so keep an eye on tech news. Newer tech may come out or there may be a price spike in certain components (like hard drives a couple years ago).

    -Wolf sends
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