hi, i3 3220 + GTX 660 vs. i5 3470 + hd7850.

ive been thinking about it quite extensively and i know that it will be harder to upgrade a cpu than a gpu

down the line but in my country the i5 is 115$ more than the i3 so the question is will i see a big difference in games for that


thank you!!!
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  1. You will see a difference as far as what one considers big will be based on ones opinion so what would you consider big difference?
  2. what games do you look to play and what resolution?

    i'd hate to tell you to not get the 660 but if you are playing more cpu dependent games the i5 would be beneficial (such as BF3 multi player), but by no means is the i3 a slouch.
  3. I agree. It would be better to post the specs of the entire system with a budget and your country.
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