Did UPS damage my graphics card?

Hi everyone,
Just wanted to see if I should be worried about the 680 signature 2 i just received from Newegg, and if it should be returned. The box was ripped in a couple corners and had apparently been crushed a bit. the worst part was that Newegg put the card on the bottom of the box with no packing material. The only packing material was on top of the card. Strange.

so my question is, what kind of damage can i expect the card to have taken from rattling around, or even drops?

thank you for your time.
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  1. Take a picture of the unopened packaging for future claim, damage without inspection or trying it is impossible to guess.
  2. okay. in the meantime, do you think the card could be damaged from being dropped while in the box? thanks.
  3. Normally they are well packaged from the factory and will survive some mishandling but there is a limit to everything though. If it is damaged it will either be visible or it will simply not work.
  4. okay thanks!

  5. Was this an open box card? Normally video cards are tightly packed with foam inserts and you can chunk the box around the yard without damaging the card, but if it was just loose in the box rattling around it's certainly possible that rough treatment could break a capacitor off or something else.
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