Amd Firepro w8000 vs Nvidia Quadro K5000 which one to choose


I am building my new workstation, but I am confused about the video card to choose, I work on 3ds Max, Maya, and adobe applications.

Can you please help me to choose between these two cards.

Amd Firepro w8000
Nvidia Quadro K5000 (I can't find any review for)

Please mention the Reason for your choice...

another question out of the topic why hp nor dell give the choice of the new Firepro video cards ( w9000,w8000,...) in their list of video card that you can buy with your workstation? **They add K5000 few days Ago!!!

Thank you
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  1. You might want to consider none of the above

    I'm in the same situation (sort of). I am choosing between the K5000 for $1800 or a used quadro 6000 for the same price or less. I'm also slightly better looking than you too :) otherwise, same situation.

    I'm building a workstation as part of a client solution and I'm finding the literature on the new cards to be somewhere between confusing and misleading.

    The official blurb implies that I need to add a Tesla to get good rendering performance with the K5000, taking the cost to north of $5000 which causes my butt-hole to pucker a little.

    If I chose the quadro 6000, viewport will be slower but it will give me solid rendering performance. Sounds like a huge step backwards to me. I want once card, not 2 but I also want my card to be faster than anyone elses. You just don’t give flowers without a vase!

    General view on AMD seems to be that they are either a bunch of useless morons on the brink of bankruptcy with no driver support or geniuses who sell superior cards to Nvidia for lower costs (although he latter is not true for pro cards). I don't know but suspect HP don't offer them as options because demand is lower but that shouldn't matter to you if your apps have optimized drivers. There are plenty of AMD benchmarks for all of your programs.

    You are meant to chose the card that works for your software. I have seen benchmarks showing that the AMD cards are many times faster for Maya and the reverse for 3DS. I never found that to be true for Maya but that doesn't mean anything. Maya and 3DS do use different engines (Open GL vs Direct X) so it might be time to narrow it down. General view seems to be that Nvidia cards are more widely used and therefore have more time spent on optimizing drivers for the apps that most people (including you) use.

    I know this is no help but if anyone with hands on experience could give us both a view on the K5000 for Maya, I'd really appreciate it. Oh, and same for the Quadro 6000 for Maya 2013. At least this one is for a client so I won't have to live with the shame of making the wrong choice. Just close your eyes and pick one. They are easy to sell on Ebay if it doesn't work!

    If only here was somewhere I could go to try them out before I buy...
  2. Thanks for posting

    All topics that I build on this matter face the same end ; no answer for the question

    I searched for a review for K5000 all around the internet trying to find a support with no use, I search and search with no answer I finally manage to get the K5000.

    I found this comparison on Nvidia website :-

    If it is true it show that k5000 beat all other cards in the market even 6000 with a good margin, It is a new technology after all, Ya Tesla may help for better rendering performance but I think it is the same idea with quadro 6000 there you can find Tesla Product Literature and found some card build to support card like quadro 6000 rendering performance check it :-

    it is the same game but with different players, it is the way that Nvidia card work. Moreover if you check the comparison again you can find that K5000 have 1536 CUDA™ Parallel Processor Cores vs only 448 for quadro 6000 and as you now cuda is responsible for rendering performance, on the other hand maybe the quador 6000 win k5000 in the Memory Bandwidth and interface section but that does not matter because of the new architecture of k5000.

    I am not a professional user on this matter or someone who have a lot experience on this field, but after digging in it I realize that AMD is not doing well on this war and their card are always not ready to face nvidia technology (15% AMD,nearly 80% Nvidia Market Share on professional cards), moreover choosing something from the past will make you alone in the dark maybe not this year but it will happened after time. so for me pick up Nvidia quadro k5000 is the right choice...

    Maybe some one with more experiance will show us more but I will not depend on that because I tried a lot to ask for help but no one answer ( I feel bad for that ).

    By the way check these videos too
  3. It all depends on what you're going to use it in. At present i'm in a grinding battle with PNY and ASUS as to why the Quadro K5000 will not detect in their ASUS Z9PE-D8 WS dual CPU motherboard. PNY actually told me to just send the card back for a refund! Great customer support there PNY!!!

    It would appear that the PCIe 3.0 lanes in Dual CPU boards have a hard time working out what the K5000 is. You can't get this card to work in the EVGA SR-X at ALL, and the Z9PE-D8 only works in PCIe slot 3 SOMETIMES... you literally have to mash the reset button 3-4 times before it will successfully POST past Q-Code 62 and get a display. Once it boots and the OS loads, the platform is rock solid, and simply smashes renders that took my partners previous PC 3 days to do in little over an hour.

    The Quadro K5000 will be a fantastic card once motherboard vendors actually fix the problem detecting the newer generation GPU cards. I've also heard the GTX 670, 680 and 690 have all had issues being detected in PCIe 3.0 slots - ATI cards as well, just can't recall the models. I know this is a little off topic, but its a relevant issue if you're looking to buy, simply so you don't go blowing 1700USD on a card that may not work in the machine you're planning to build.

    Here's the link to the product review with others also validating the problems i've had;
  4. Small update.

    I got a quadro 6000 on eBay for $1000 and a tesla C2075 for $1100 and it works well for Maya. Simulations, where this setup was meant to excel, still don't run well in realtime like advertised. I tried all available maximus drivers. For everything else, it works well enough 40fps on standard viewport once I get north of 500,000 triangles.

    I also have been using a quadro k5000m on my laptop and It performs really well. I think the keplar quadro cards may offer a meaningful improvement in viewport over fermi. If gpu rendering isn't your thing, I would give the k5000 a serious look.

    Still, can't go wrong with the quadro 6000 and they are so cheap on eBay.
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