Is there a windows 8 compatible driver for my microsoft basic display adapter

Trying to install the Netflix App on a Acer Travelmate 4150 and I keep getting error message referring to Basic Microsoft Display Adapter drivers !!

Any ideas ? Help !!

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  1. Your laptop has intel 915gm graphics, and intel hasn't released a driver for it since XP and has stated they won't be making any more because of it's age, so you're out of luck unfortunately.
  2. If thats the case what a bummer. Its and old laptop I got on Ebay but it serves its purpose for where and how I use it. So its not the end of the world if no one else comes up with any other ideas.

    So thanks !!
  3. Just install XP on it and go from there. You really don't need Win 8 for Netflix.
  4. I guess I forgot to mention I just installed Windows 8 on the machine, hence the error message.

  5. try to install silverlight and watch it from a web browser rather than the app! i had a similar problem. seems to work! although a bit scippy! i think or its my eyes!
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