Will a graphics card fit my motherboard?

Hello, I was wondering if a XFX 7870 will fit into my motherboard.
Heres a picture to show the layout of my motherboard, the ram sticks are getting in the way and was thinking is there any way to make the 7870 fit into my motherboard. It 16 cm from the case end to the ram sticks.
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  1. The card will be going down from the connector so the ram sticks are fine, more interested if there is anything blocking the length of the card and what other hardware like PSU is in that Acer.
  2. What do you mean by the length of the card. Its actually a Gateway computer with Intel I5 2320, 8GB of ram and getting a Coolmaster 700 watts power supply.
  3. CM is not a recommended PSU maker and all you need is 450-500watt PSU. Many HD7870 are 9.5" long so it will fit if you have that free length from the back of the case.
    Surprised to see an ACER motherboard in a Gateway but nowadays it is hard to guess who owns who.
    Your CPU is a great match with the HD7870.
  4. So you saying that the graphics card can be sticking out of the case? and which brand of psu do you recommend?
  5. No, you need to make sure nothing's going to be in the way stopping it from fitting lengthwise going 9 inches from the back of the case towards the front.

    You also need to make sure that the case is wide enough, and doesn't require a low-profile card.
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    As mentioned above you need to have a mini tower at minimum to fit a full height card like the HD7870. Length of the card is measured from the back of the tower and across the width of the motherboard, sometimes there is a drive cage in the way of the card in these prebuilt computers.
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