Gigabyte 7950 Artifacting MSI Kombuster Stock Speeds?

I just got a Gigabyte 7950 and tried to run MSI Kombuster Furry and Tessy Test (GL4) at 2560x1440 (native) resolution (AA: Off) and when it first boots up I see 2-3 artifacting episodes and then it runs fine for the rest of the test (currently on 10 min of second run).

I am at stock speeds - 900MHz core, 1250MHz mem, VDDC: 1.090V

It holds at a steady 53*C and never hotter.

Any ideas? Did I get a bad card - what other tests can I run to confirm?
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    What version of AMD's drivers are you running? Sounds like the artifacting may be happening when the card switches power states and ramps up to full clock speeds.
  2. I am running driver according to device manager.
  3. EDIT: Forgot to mention I had previously a GTX580 in this computer - recently died and I put the 7950 in without connecting the pc to the internet and I uninstalled all NVIDIA drivers, then installed drivers for 7950.

    Do you think I should reinstall windows? I don't want to but will if you think it will help.
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