Hdmi connection problem with my bush tv and samsung laptop

hello am trying to connect my bush 24"fhd tv with my samsung laptop with a hdmi cable and nothing happening if you can please tell me wot am doing wrong thanks
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  1. Couple of things, i can think of.
    sometime there is a key eg. <Fn> <F6> to switch to an external display does this do any thing?
    the Graphics drivers - do they see the new display?
    Is the Cable HDMI at both end's? eg. DVI > HDMI.
    Does the Cable work if you plug it into a DVD player and the same TV?
    Does the Laptop need to have a certain HDMI version to send the data to the TV?
    Are you running the resolution of the graphics card at a compatible resolution for the TV?
    Can you supply the Thread with the exact make and model of both the TV and the Laptop?

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